Thanuja Ananthan stars as an athlete in 'Anak Merdeka' miniseries

Watch all three trailers for the upcoming drama starring Thanuja Ananthan, Remy Ishak, Elvis Chin, Sarah Lian and Tony Eusoff

By Andrea Tim | Published: 16 Aug 2017

Anak Merdeka
Remy Ishak, Thanuja Ananthan and Elvis Chin (Photo: Astro Malaysia)

Thanuja Ananthan stars alongside Remy Ishak and Elvis Chin in upcoming miniseries Anak Merdeka, which premieres on Astro this 26 August ahead of Malaysia's 60th Independence Day.

The former beauty queen, who happens to be an 'anak Merdeka' herself, had to train for three months with a coach for her role as an athlete named Devi – this is her first TV role. She revealed that it was "was worth every drop of sweat, tears, daily muscle tears, sunburn & sustained injuries."

"I cried," Thanuja told ELLE this morning of her reaction to the series. "It's about three friends from different backgrounds and racial diversity – being there for each other no matter where life takes them. It's a beautiful story that reminds us all that, regardless of race, religion, colour or creed, we are all Malaysian."

We cry, too.

Thanuja Ananthan as Devi in Anak Merdeka (Photo: Astro Malaysia)

Anak Merdeka was co-directed by Aziz M. Osman, Shamyl Othman, Matt Lai, Kabir Bhatia and Bernard Chauly. It follows the ups and downs in the lives of Salleh, Boon and Devi, who become friends after meeting at a funfair as children. Remy, Elvis and Thanuja play the adult Salleh, Boon and Devi respectively. The series also features Sarah Lian as Boon's mother Betty, a former cabaret singer, and Tony Eusoff as a doctor in a hospital.

Sarah Lian is Betty in Anak Merdeka (Photo: Astro Malaysia)

The series covers some of the most prominent events in Malaysian history, including the nation's independence in 1957, the deadly 13 May 1969 riot, Malaysia's hosting of the 1971 Southeast Asian Peninsular Games, the 1993 Highland Towers incident, the 1998 Commonwealth Games and the 2014 East Coast flood.

Anak Merdeka airs every day from 26 August to 31 August at 9pm on Astro Prima, Astro Mustika, Astro Xi Yue and Astro Vaanavil. Watch all the trailers below.

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