Tavi Gevinson cast in 'Scream Queens'

The 19-year-old will play a home-wrecker

By Andrea Tim | Published: 4 Aug 2015

Tavi in ScreamQueens
Photo: tavitulle/Instagram

Emma Roberts and Lea Michele have a new Scream Queens cast mate; E! News reports that Tavi Gevinson is making her acting debut in the upcoming horror-comedy TV series, which premieres this 22 September.

The Rookie magazine editor and fashion icon is still in her teens and her role is one we did not guess. She plays Feather, the girl who stole Jamie Lee Curtis's husband in the series. Yes, that is quite the age difference.

According to E! News, Jamie's character Dean Cathy Munsch mentions Feather in the series pilot, referring to her as the "perky 19-year-old my husband left me for."

Geez, 19 and already a home-wrecker. Scream Queens is going to be one bloody ride, isn't it?

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