This boy dancing 'Juju On That Beat' is the cutest thing ever

Just wait until he does the Running Man

By Andrea Tim | Published: 20 Oct 2016

Video: TheEllenShow

Ellen DeGeneres has had a good number of adorable and very talented kids on her show, but 4-year-old Tavaris Jones is going to be one you remember for a long time. Hopefully even until he's a grown adult, who dances the TZ Anthem Challenge in his sleep like it's NBD.

Never heard of the viral dance craze before? Doesn't matter. You never stood a chance at beating Tavaris anyway. According to his mother, Tavaris learned how to dance by watching YouTube videos. While on Ellen's show, dressed in Adidas from head to toe, he told the TV host that he wants to be a superstar.

Already there, Tavaris.

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