Stray ostrich holds up the third lane on the Federal Highway

"I was late to work because there was an ostrich on the highway"

By Andrea Tim | Published: 17 Jun 2016

Ostrich on highway
Photo: Google Maps; Instagram

[Updated 17 June 2016] The runaway ostrich has finally been rescued by her owner. Here's what you need to know about her.

1. Her name is Chickaboo and she is 6 months old.
2. She belongs to a man named Darren Chow, who works with animals and raised Chickaboo since she was a mere chick.
3. She escaped from the open window of Darren's Hilux as he drove her to the Ostrich Wonderland farm in Semenyih, where the growing bird was to have a proper home with more space to run.
4. Chickaboo is more famous than you – she has appeared at kids' carnivals and school events, and is very tame.
5. She got along well with Darren's Husky as well as a few other turkeys and dogs.


Traffic reports have never been this interesting. An ostrich was seen running on the Federal Highway this afternoon, somewhere on the stretch opposite Universiti LRT station and Bangsar South. The highway, notorious for its heavy traffic, wasn't short of motorists, all of whom were trying to avoid getting in the way of the large bird, which claimed the entire third lane for itself.

Seeing is believing and now we know for a fact that ostriches run faster than traffic on the Feds. Also, it kept to its lane, so points for road safety.


Meanwhile on Federal Highway.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

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Where the ostrich came from (when there are no zoos or ostrich farms for miles) remains one of life's great mysteries.

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