See Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep in the 'Suffragette' teaser

It's the feminist movie we've all been waiting for

By Andrea Tim | Published: 16 Apr 2015

Video: Film4video

Another Academy Award nomination for Meryl Streep, coming right up. Okay, it's way too early to say if she'll get an Oscar for her role in Suffragette – after all, we only hear one line "Never surrender. Never give up the fight," from her in the trailer – but it wouldn't be the biggest surprise if she did.

Meryl stars in the British drama as Emmeline Pankhurst, the legendary leader of the British suffragettes, who in 1999 was named one of the most important people of the 20th century by Time. Carey Mulligan co-stars as Maud, a foot soldier in the feminist movement, which quickly turns more and more violent as the State responds to women's call for equality and the right to vote with brutality.

We also get a glimpse of a suffragette window breaker, played by Anne-Marie Duff. Missing from the teaser trailer are Helena Bonham Carter, Ben Whishaw and Brendan Gleeson, who we expect will also deliver stellar performances. Suffragette opens in the UK this 11 September. So far, it doesn't look like the film, penned by The Iron Lady writer Abi Morgan, will show in Malaysian cinemas.

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