Ryan Adams's Taylor Swift 1989 cover album is out today

And he corrected a grammar blip in 'Bad Blood'

By Andrea Tim | Published: 21 Sep 2015

Video: RyanAdamsVEVO

Taylor Swift insisted that 1989 was strictly pop, but we're sure many country-loving Swifties were slightly dispirited by the stray from the genre that gave the 25-year-old her ticket to fame. No matter, alternative country singer Ryan Adams has come to their rescue, releasing a 1989 cover album, available for purchase on iTunes now.

Taylor, of course, is beyond ecstatic that this has happened. Her feels are captured in three simple words on Instagram, mirroring our own reaction to his cover of Bad Blood, which came out on YouTube last week. If that track is anything to go by, Ryan's 1989 gives you an idea of what Taylor's 1989 might have been if she stuck to country.

Brownie points to Ryan for adding a missing "at" in "So take a look what you've done." "So take a look at what you've done" doesn't sound as punchy as the original, but grammar Nazis will appreciate it.

In the end, the whole situation's a win-win for the world, isn't it? Now all we need is for Ryan to guest perform with Taylor at a concert. Or it could the other way around.

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