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Lorelai mentions Amy Schumer, and Amy Schumer loves it

By Andrea Tim | Published: 28 Jul 2016

Video: Netflix

So many beautiful things happen in the first Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life teaser trailer. One of it is Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) wondering if Amy Schumer would like her – as we all do, sometimes – but when Rory says no because "Every single time I see her in a magazine, she's on vacation doing water sports," Lorelai replies "Ugh, no that would not work at all."

However, the real Amy Schumer was keen on letting the Gilmores know that she's not as water sports-crazy as the media makes her look.

And the Gilmores responded.

Wherever and whenever this movie night happens, we want in on it. But really, the very best part about the teaser is the official reveal of the premiere date: 25 November, everyone. Mark your calendars and prepare yourselves.

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