Review: How the Samsung Galaxy S8 lowered my stress level

This phone has changed an ELLE staffer's Instagram game and saved her sanity

By Florence Song | Published: 19 Jun 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

When it comes to phones, there are just two criteria I'm interested in (basic functions and usual apps aside): amazing camera and long battery life.

Why? My job requires me to document events and runway shows on the regular. This means that I'm constantly dealing with poor lighting conditions and blurry motion shots, editing images on at least three different apps at one time, juggling Insta-stories and staying connected on Whatsapp and Messenger; all of which zap my battery from 100 to zero in no time. That also means that I'm forced to either a) lug around a powerbank and phone charger, or b) become stranded because I can't book an Uber back after said events.

If you think that sounds like a recipe for elevated stress levels and potential anxiety attacks, you are not wrong. Which is why, despite my love for documenting my travels and updating my personal Instagram feed, there is just no joy to be found in the process I've illustrated above, not with my current phone, at least.

All this changed the moment I got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Its single 12-megapixel camera isn't just great; it's incredible. Personally, I'd call it life-changing. This is a camera that does all the leg work for you. It turns on super swiftly (just double tap the power key), focuses snappily, and consistently takes crisp, colourful shots that require little to no tinkering at all.

Taking an #OOTD? Your Insta boyfriend will love how effortless the phone makes the task seem. Every shot will be so on-point, your only problem would be choosing which to post. Want to chronicle your night of debauchery? The S8 ensures that your photos are #LIT, literally, with bright and detailed shots even in dark bars thanks to its wide aperture and optical image stabilisation.

Can never nail a #selfie? Girl, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has your back with a terrific 8-megapixel front-facing camera that comes with a new auto-focus feature (eliminating the need for you to stretch out and tap the screen to focus) and a bunch of Snapchat-style augmented filters that'll make anyone look cute.

All that and the phone's tall, narrow shape makes it easy for one-handed selfie-taking. If like me, you prefer living a hands-free life, rest assured that the Galaxy S8's reliable long-lasting battery eliminates the need to tote around power banks and chargers "just in case" anymore. So you know what, thank you, Samsung Galaxy S8. Thank you for lowering my stress levels, revitalising my Instagram feed and saving my sanity. You are, as the millennials say, truly bomb as.

Samsung Galaxy S8, RM3,299


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