This is what the world's most powerful man listens to

Maybe old school music is what gets Obama out of bed in the morning

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 12 Aug 2016

Obama's playlists
Photo: The White House/Facebook

Barack Obama has got the coolest summer playlist ever and it's on Spotify! Don't expect bass-dropping hits from the current hottest DJs (or any Taylor Swift) because his favourite tunes are soulful and jazzy.

The US president has not one, but two playlists: one for daytime and one for night time (duh!). We imagine him pacing the Oval Office and making some big decisions while listening to Courtney Barnett, Sara Bareilles, Janelle Monáe, Aloe Blacc, Prince, Aretha Frankling and the Beach Boys to name a few.

When he's done with work and wants to chill with the family at night (or you know, just FLOTUS), Obama listens to Billie Holiday, D'Angelo, Fiona Apple, Chance the Rapper, Miles Davis, Janet Jackson and Caetano Veloso. It's all about the good ol' classics.

We can't help but wonder if he listens to this too.

Or this?

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