Police in India arrested citizens for taking "intimate" selfies

The Indian authorities lost control on their power by punishing Indians for taking selfies

By Nalisa Alia Amin | Published: 24 Sep 2014

Arrested for selfies
Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Some countries have absurd authorities, and in India the situation is a bit bonkers. Apparently, police in India have been arresting people for taking selfies, especially selfies by unmarried couples. 

During the recent 10-day Navratri festival in honour of Goddess Durga, police forces were put in place to protect women from being groped or molested in crowded places. But it seems that a number of police officers took advantage of their powers by punishing any public display of affection.

According to Mumbai Mirror, police arrested a couple for taking "intimate" selfies and two men were detained and fined for "touching" a woman while posing for a group selfie. They even arrested seven people for taking a group selfie on a Mumbai bridge.

Mumbai Police Commissioner, Rakesh Maria had made a statement that he had issued no order to undertake the "moral policing" that has caused outrage across India. He explained the cops were there to catch crooks that harass women on the streets, not arrest innocent citizens. 

Rakesh said to NDTV, "The squads' mandate is to concentrate on preventing harassment of women and they are supposed to refrain from indulging in any kind of moral policing," he said, "It is again reiterated that Mumbai Police is firm on its stand that it will not act as the moral police."

The city police even held a sensitivity workshop to teach police the difference between selfies and street harassment.


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