Photobomb just got an official Bahasa Malaysia translation

Malaysians react to the news on Twitter and it's hilarious

By Andrea Tim | Published: 13 Oct 2017

'Photobomb' in Malay
Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing a tuna fish (Photo: Getty Images; iStock)

Good morning, it's a lovely day to learn a new word.

Anyone writing in Bahasa Malaysia no longer needs to borrow the word 'photobomb' – the official translation is now tunafoto.

Photobomb, which is when you ruin a photograph by unexpectedly appearing in it as a prank, was given its official Bahasa Malaysia counterpart by the nation's institute of language and literature, Dewan Bahasa Pustaka.

'Tunafoto' has everyone asking why the tuna fish got dragged into it. But the word tuna in Bahasa has a different meaning: The Star Online pointed out that the 4th edition of Malay dictionary Kamus Dewan defines tuna as "injured, flawed or broken."

Marine life or not, Malaysians on Twitter can't handle it (neither can we).

Two other English words have been given Bahasa Malaysia translations as well: 'nap' and 'killfie' are now 'meridap' and 'swafoto maut'. Really has you looking forward to essays written by students in national schools.

The real question: how would you translate 'Cumberbomb'?

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