Najwa Mahiaddin Releases EP

Malaysian singer-songwriter’s new album, Aurora is available on iTunes

By Andrea Tim | Published: 25 Mar 2014

Video: najwamahiaddin

Winner of the Best New Artist and Best English Song awards at the 18th Music Industry Award (Anugerah Industri Musik), Najwa Mahiaddin is quickly becoming a strong name in the local and international music scene. With a New York concert due this 28 March, Najwa's new EP Aurora promotes her new, eclectic, and homegrown self.

Four out of the five tracks on the album, including Before were written by Najwa. The last track, Seri Mersing is a Malay folk song.

"There's always a sense of pride when I sing my folk songs here and hearing someone who doesn't speak the language enjoy the melody regardless," Najwa said in a press statement.

Her EP starts off heavy on the ballads, before transforming into the more soulful, ethereal sound that Najwa is known for.

Released under Najwa's own record label, Nada Biru Musik, Aurora is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon mp3, and streaming on Spotify.


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