Michelle Chong tells Uzo Aduba to "siam ah" in 'Orange is the New Black' teaser

Singlish Is the New Black ah? Wah lau

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 7 Jun 2017

Ah Lian in 'OITNB'
Photo: Netflix SG/Facebook

[Updated 7 June 2017] Good news, everyone! There's another Orange is the New Black teaser for us to keep on replay because it's just too damn good.


Steady lah.

Orange Is The New Black just got a big dose of AZN. In a new teaser, Singaporean host and actress Michelle Chong's Ah Lian was introduced to a bemused Uzo Aduba, who plays Crazy Eyes in the Netflix series.

Ah Lian, a newcomer to Litchfield Penitentiary, was being given a polite welcome by Crazy Eyes at her bunk bed. In perfect Singlish, Ah Lian said the funniest things to her like "Wah, your hair sibeh champion ah" (that's "your hair's really awesome" to non-Singlish/Manglish speakers) and "Oh Mexican I know. Taco Bell."

Crazy Eyes seemed too confused by the unfamiliar slang to be offended by any of that. She offered Ah Lian some green chillies, but was told to "siam ah" (get lost) because – and don't we all know this – green chillies are not spicy and are only good for mee rebus.

Netflix Singapore told ELLE that they "roped her in for the promotional trailers for Season 5" but we hope that with the reception she's getting on social media, Orange Is The New Black might consider making Ah Lian a regular.

Sure shiok one.

Watch the video here. All-new episodes of Orange Is The New Black hits Netflix on 9 June.

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