Meet Entrepreneur Barbie

Barbie has a new job, and it involves a briefcase

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 21 Feb 2014

Entrepreneur Barbie
Photo: Mattel

Barbie has decided on a career change and toymakers Mattel have given her a new incarnation as Entrepreneur Barbie.

Sporting a smart sheath dress and a rather officious looking briefcase, the four Entrepreneur Barbies – each of different ethnicity and sporting her own unique hairstyle – look set to storm the workplace.

Speaking to CNN Money, Mattel spokesperson Michelle Chidoni explained, “We always try to make career Barbie a reflection of the times. Women entrepreneurs are more prevalent now and they’re growing in number. [It's] a great way to encourage girls to also learn about this role.”

Is there anything Barbie can’t do? Mattel shares on their website that Barbie has pursued over 130 careers in her lifetime. Her impressive CV boasts experience in vocations ranging from doctor to pilot to the United States president. She’s also not new to the corporate world, having served before as a secretary, a business executive and even as a CEO in the eighties.

Now, she takes a leap into new territory and forges ahead on new entrepreneurial adventures.  She’s even kitted out with a tablet and smartphone to keep her constantly connected and in the know – an absolute necessity for the successful entrepreneur.

Barbie is out to make her millions. And with ne’er a hair out of place. 


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