MCA and DAP Youth respond to PAS calling Selena Gomez 'too sexy'

PAS objects to Selena Gomez performing in Malaysia, just a week ahead of the concert

By Andrea Tim | Published: 19 Jul 2016

MCA defends Selena
Photo: Selena Gomez Revival Tour

Every time an international artist comes to perform in Malaysia, especially if it's a woman, it's not about whether or not she will be accused of contaminating the minds of Malaysian youth. It's about when.

Like clockwork, PAS Youth spoke out against the upcoming Malaysian leg of Selena Gomez's Revival tour, to be held at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam next Monday, claiming that the singer's "sexy image" would jeopardise the sanctity of the Syawal month, which comes after the month of Ramadhan.

"The government, and the relevant authorities, should be stricter and more careful in giving the green light for such concerts," PAS Islamic Propagation Bureau Chairman Hafez Sabri said. Free Malaysia Today also reported that he called for Selena to be denied entry into Malaysia.

MCA Youth leader Chong Sin Woon condemned PAS' stand on the matter, saying that the Islamic party "seeks to deprive non-Muslims of their constitutional right to enjoy concerts." He also called out the discrimination and hypocrisy surrounding the treatment of foreign performers, and urged for more police security to ensure that protests by PAS members, if any, would not put concert goers in danger.

"Strangely, if PAS Youth deems western concerts as 'causing erosion of faith' and cinemas as the 'cause of social ills', why do they drop silent when local rock artistes perform on stage?" Chong said in a statement published by The Star. "Why the discrimination and furore against foreign performing artists but none against the local performing artistes? The issue is identical, people performing on stage are deemed to cause erosion of faith among the audience."

DAP Socialist Youth executive secretary Muhammad Shakir Ameer also spoke out, saying that if PAS wanted to object against Selena performing in Malaysia, they should have expressed so before the concert was approved in the first place.

"The illogical protest by PAS Youth against Selena Gomez concert shows that they have nothing else constructive to offer to Malaysians but create cheap political publicity," he told The Malay Mail Online. "Based on PAS' logic, it means the internet, television, radio and any other media should be banned as well for promoting Selena Gomez."

Meanwhile, we're just waiting to be in front of this stage. See you next week, Selena!


The end of every single night for the next year of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way @revivaltour

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