Lorde kills her lover in 'Magnets' music video

"Let's embrace the point of no return," she sings

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 30 Sep 2015

Video: Disclosure Vevo

The music video for Magnets, the collaborative track between Disclosure and Lorde is finally here! And we love what we see (err, not necessarily the killing just, you know, we missed Lorde).

The video centres on Lorde who attends a party and grabs the handsome host's attention. By the look on his face (0:43), we can tell he's completely smitten. Although Lorde seems to pay no mind to the man, the two are seen embracing rather aggressively in the man's kitchen in the next scene.

Oh, and the guy has a girlfriend. Jezebel speculates that certain moments in the video hint that the man could be abusing his partner as he fools around with Lorde behind her back.

Lorde reinforces the speculation with her own tweet: "The most important part of the video is when you see her black eye as she turns away at the window." That happens at 2:07.

Watch the video yourself to see what happens next. Blink and you might miss the short sequence where a leather-clad Lorde dances (we've missed that, too).

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