Lily Allen plays cupid in Cornetto Cupidity Love Stories: 40 Love

A short film about a girl who falls in love with a tennis player, and nothing about eating ice-cream

By Andrea Tim | Published: 20 May 2014

Video: cornettouk

Who says advertising for ice-cream has to be all about having the said dessert unwrapped, eaten, and shared among friends and family in a pristine, fantastical home? The newest in the Cornetto Cupidity Love Stories series is one entitled 40 Love (because tennis, get it?), featuring singer-songwriter Lily Allen as Cupid.

Debbie (Phoebe Neidhardt), a lines umpire gets knocked out by a tennis ball, served by tennis pro Maria (Fernanda Romero). Think of the tennis ball as cupid's arrow, and you've got yourself an unlikely love story that's sweeter than any ice-cream. We half-expected Debbie and Maria to both whip out a Cornetto and share it at the end or something, ruining the sincerity, but all the Cornetto we got was the logo on the court sidelines. Thank goodness.

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