Kim Kardashian has an unemployable voice

The star's vocal fry could stand between her and a job

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 2 Jun 2014

Kim K's voice
Photo: Getty Images

You may have heard of vocal fry – it's a linguistic term used to describe that gravelly sound some women (and men, let's not overlook the men) tack on the end of their words. (Here are a few examples.) It's most common among teenage girls and reality TV stars in the US – the Kardashians are heavy users of the vocal fry – and while it comes naturally to some, others intentionally add the sound to their natural voice.

The University of Miami conducted a study on the linguistic phenomenon, recording young people saying "Thank you for considering me for this opportunity" in both their normal voices and in a vocal fry. They then played the recordings to a number of male and female participants, and asked them which candidate they would hire. The normal voices got over 80 percent of the vote. According to the study, women who speak with a vocal fry are seen as "less educated, less competent, less attractive and less trustworthy."

So should Kim Kardashian ever find herself on the job market, vocal classes might be in order.


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