Jurassic World shows off more teeth than ever before

We also see Chris Pratt wrangling Velociraptors in the new trailer

By Andrea Tim | Published: 4 Feb 2015

Video: Universal Pictures

With the new dinosaur yet to be revealed in full, we still broke out in a cold sweat watching Chris Pratt's scary encounter with the gigantic reptile in the new Super Bowl spot for Jurassic World.

Park manager Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), who is really John Hammond 2.0 if you think about the all-white outfits and over-ambition, leads a team of geneticists to create a new hybrid dinosaur called the Indominus Rex. The new carnivore looks like a T-Rex but is developed from the Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops and Giganotosaurus (that's dino jargon for "huge, mean and could kill everyone if they got out of control"). Because, why not?

It takes a whole lot of chaos, dead visitors and forced park closure before Claire admits the experiment was a bad idea.

Thankfully, help comes from Velociraptor expert Owen (played by Chris), the one person in the park who has enough foresight on the matter. The good news, he isn't just a one-man team. He's got a bunch of well-trained Velociraptors under his command that'll put your dog-whispering skills to shame.

(Photo: Universal Pictures)

Jurassic World opens in Malaysian cinemas this 11 June.

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