Jurassic World reveals a new dinosaur

All you'll see of the new reptile in the first trailer for the 2015 film are frightening claw marks and giant legs

By Andrea Tim | Published: 26 Nov 2014

Video: Universal Pictures

The human race has been playing god one too many times – cloning, advanced artificial intelligence, resurrection, you name it – and just as they shrugged it off in Jurassic Park, the same happens in the new Jurassic World. With equally terrifying consequences.

The theme park on Isla Nublar looks stunning, of course, with its modern contraptions, cool rides and a water dino-feeding attraction (they'd really let the audience get that close to water?).

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire, who informs us that the team of scientists she leads has made a revolutionary advance: the recreation of a genetically modified dinosaur (you people never learn!). Chris Pratt plays velociraptor expert Owen, who's probably the only on-site staff member with enough sense to realise there's something wrong with the new dino.

Oh, and it's a she. Which makes you wonder if there will be any issues about her reproducing independently, elevating the whole situation to uncontrollable levels. Run, tourists. Run.

But here's where the tears really come: John Williams' iconic theme chimes in towards the end (so beautiful!). 11 June 2015 couldn't seem further away.

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