Jurassic World's new dinosaur ate her sibling

More crazy new dinosaurs, more fun. Until one goes out of control

By Andrea Tim | Published: 31 Mar 2015

Video: Universal Pictures

We shudder to think of what would happen if mankind succeeded in recreating dinosaurs in real life. Take Jurassic World's new TV spot as a warning for the kind of chaos that will ensue for trying to play god.

It is revealed that the park's new attraction is quite a monster, and we don't mean the typical scary man-eating kind. When Owen (Chris Pratt) asks Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) what happened to the hybrid dino's sibling, Claire replies, "She ate it."

The park's team also come to conclusion that the escaped Indominus Rex is killing for sport.

Nice. Hurry up, 11 June!

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