Join the Search For MH370

Volunteers can examine high-resolution satellite imagery on Tomnod to search for wreckage and potential clues

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 11 Mar 2014

Search for MH370
Photo: A US Navy helicopter involved in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Getty Images

On Saturday morning, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing, and international efforts are still ongoing to locate the missing plane and any survivors.

You may not be able to physically go and search the seas for the Boeing 777,  but you can still help. Satellite imaging company DigitalGlobe has loaded high-resolution satellite images of the search area onto their crowdsourcing website Tomnod, and is calling on volunteers to search the images and flag up potential points of interest. You can zoom in and look for wreckage, oil slicks or anything unusual or suspicious. An algorithm will find overlaps where multiple people have tagged the same point, and analysts will examine the tags to identify the most notable areas, sharing the information with authorities.

There is currently 3,200 square kilometres of imagery available, taken on Sunday of the area where the Gulf of Thailand meets the South China Sea. More images will be released over the next 24 hours.


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