J.K. Rowling will Avada Kedavra you if you call 'The Cursed Child' a prequel

You shouldn't call the published play the eighth Harry Potter novel either

By Andrea Tim | Published: 12 Feb 2016

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Be sure not to call the to-be-published Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script a prequel or the eighth novel. It is neither, as J.K. Rowling has clarified numerous times on Twitter, with more chill than we would ever have if badgered with stupid questions and inaccurate statements.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is an upcoming West End stage play, which was written by Jack Thorne based on his, J.K. and director John Tiffany's story. The plot, an extension of the 7-book series, will see an adult Harry tackle work and family, as his youngest son Albus learns to cope with the Potter family's legacy. The play will open on 30 July this year, while the script will be published in hardcopy and digital formats on 31 July, Harry's birthday.

J.K. addressed the confusion some people have had about the script (they must be Muggles).

Excuse them, J.K., they might have been hit with a Confundus Charm. To everyone else successfully keeping up with #NotAPrequel, #NotANovel #19YearsLater, we'll remind you that this is what the trio – Harry, Hermione and Ron – look like as adults in the play (and read this before you question Hermione's race).


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Posted by J.K. Rowling on Monday, 21 December 2015


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