Harry Potter's childhood home is on sale

Number Four, Privet Drive is where we'll be, waiting for our Hogwarts letter

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 20 Sep 2016

No. 4 Privet Drive
Photo: Chancellors UK

The home that was used as the set for Number Four, Privet Drive in the Harry Potter films has been listed for sale. To refresh your memory, it's the house Harry spent most of his childhood and teenage years in. (Dursleys not included in the sale.)

Located at Martins Heron in Bracknell, England (not Little Whinging, Surrey like in the film), the three-bedroom home is on sale for £475,000 (approx. RM2,568,406) and comes with a garage. The living room opens up to a spacious backyard too, the very same garden that a bloated Aunt Marge hovered over in Prisoner of Azkaban.

Photo: Chancellors UK

Before you ask, the house has been renovated thoroughly inside, so it looks quite different than what we know. Modern features include an alarm system in lieu of the protective charm that broke when Harry became of age. Also, the famous cupboard under the stairs (Harry's old room) is probably not as dingy anymore.

The owners are organising viewings by appointment only on 24 September from 3pm to 5pm for interested buyers. And we all know which 'room' everyone will want to see first.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

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