Harley Quinn's shorts have been edited to look longer in Malaysia

And here we thought the PG13 version was safe enough

By Andrea Tim | Published: 3 Aug 2016

Harley's shorts
Suicide Squad poster seen at the KLCC LRT station (Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

Suicide Squad's PG13 rating is apparently still too risqué for the Malaysian audience. Violence and pervasive language aside, what's really shocking is how Harley Quinn's shorts have been digitally edited to look longer in the movie banner at the KLCC LRT station.

In the official trailers and TV spots, Harley's shorts are, well, short but they still cover her derrière. The Comic Con version, someone pointed out in a comparison video, exposes even more skin. (Note: The video below wrongly claims that actress Margot Robbie's shorts were digitally edited to look shorter for Comic Con; in actual fact, it was the other way around.)

Nice try, everyone, but nothing can beat how Malaysian censorship put a new spin on the cheeky villainess's costume. In a poster seen on the train tracks at KLCC, Harley's hot pants have been transformed into Bermudas worthy of Avril Lavigne in the 2000s.

Not that you need it – because there's no mistaking it – but here's a closer look at the difference.

There's just no getting used to Harley Quinn with Bermudas. Suicide Squad opens in cinemas tomorrow, where hopefully, Margot's real costume will get some actual screen time.

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