Frozen 2 is happening after all

Yes, Disney wants to make a snowman again. Sorry, parents

By Andrea Tim | Published: 13 Mar 2015

Frozen 2 is on
Photo: Disney

Winter is coming. No, not the kind Jon Snow keeps talking about, but the kind little girls everywhere dream of. It seems that Frozen co-creators Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee did get their sequel story figured out after all, as Disney announced just hours ago that Frozen 2 is officially in the works.

That's great, because we're already tired of getting our hopes up about a possible sequel only to have it dashed (slightly) everytime Chris and Jennifer made it sound like they weren't working on anything. We have to give it to them, though. They're better at keeping secrets than Idina Menzel, who first spilled the news last December.

Kristen Bell, who voiced Princess Anna, is obviously delighted, too.

Although the storyline has not been revealed, we have a few guesses about what's going to happen in the second installment: Queen Elsa losing her powers (which may lead to a melting Olaf – oh no!), the blossoming romance between Anna and Kristoff, or an anti-winter villain. Who knows, Disney could also introduce a love interest for Elsa or even for Olaf, because maybe Anna made another snowman.

As for what you're going to do until the sequel comes out, Disney has taken the liberty to have this prepared, which should keep you occupied for the time being. We also have the new song from the Frozen Fever short, Making Today a Perfect Day to play on loop.

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