Frank Gets Its First Official Trailer

Michael Fassbender wears a huge head in upcoming comedy

By Andrea Tim | Published: 14 Mar 2014

Video: Frank

We can't imagine why anyone would want to mask the charming visage that is Michael Fassbender's face with a huge (and rather disturbing) plastic if not papier-mâché-like head. However, the new trailer for upcoming British-Irish comedy film Frank manages to persuade us that it's not quite a crime.

Once you get past the air-vents below the ears and the frighteningly big eyes, you'd actually be able to listen to Domhnall Gleeson (who plays Jon) telling you who Frank is. And who Frank is, is a very musically-inclined, albeit odd individual, who says his facial expressions out loud.

Loosely based on Jon Ronson's fictional memoir on Frank Sidebottom (the comic persona of the late musician Chris Sievey), Frank follows Jon's musical journey with the Soronprfbs, an eccentric band led by Frank.

Besides learning how to actually pronounce Soronprfbs, we're very interested in seeing what goes inside the head inside that head. Frank is set for a 2 May 2014 release date in the UK.


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