Fox cancels 'The Mindy Project'

However, online video service Hulu could pick up the show for another two seasons, and there's a second book on the way too

By Andrea Tim | Published: 8 May 2015

Fox cancels Mindy
Photo: The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling's TV series, The Mindy Project, has been cancelled by Fox after running for three seasons and a total of 67 episodes, the last of which aired on 24 March 2015.

However, fans may rejoice in the possibility of the show being picked up by Hulu, an online video service owned by NBC Universal, which distributes The Mindy Project. E! News reports that Hulu and NBC Universal are in talks to prolong the series for at least another season.

Hulu already has streaming rights for The Mindy Project, and a source that spoke to The Guardian said that it is a top performer on the website, which makes it a likely new home for Mindy's show.

While that works itself out, the actress has a new project to look forward to. She announced earlier this week that her new book Why Not Me? will be out on 29 September, and also hinted that she spills some celebrity secrets in the book.

"I hope that was a good idea!" Mindy told People.

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