'Fight Club' has a comic book sequel

Forget the first rule of Fight Club, we have to talk about this

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 29 May 2015

Fight Club 2
Photo: 20th Century Fox, Fight Club/Facebook

Listen up, Fight Club fans! You will be glad to know that the famous cult novel-turned-movie written by Chuck Palahniuk has a sequel.

Released by Dark Horse Comics yesterday, the long-awaited sequel continues the story of Tyler Durden after 10 years of starting Project Mayhem. He lives a normal lifestyle now, with a kid and a wife. But things have to change...

In a recent interview with The Verge, the author reveals a little bit more about Fight Club 2.

"My work – my dream, or idea was that Project Mayhem and the whole organisation would work to create empowered individuals who would go off to create their own visions. And that the organisation itself would disappear. People weren't meant to stay in it, the organisation wasn't meant to sustain its own power," said Chuck.

"So what we're seeing in Fight Club 2 is that Project Mayhem has crossed the line where it's no longer about empowering people. It's about maintaining its own power in the world."

Fight Club 2 is a ten-part series illustrated by Cameron Stewart and available for online purchase now. 

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