Facebook now allows "Shop Now" buttons on pages

Is there nowhere we can avoid shopping urges anymore?

By Andrea Tim | Published: 10 Sep 2015

Shopping on Facebook
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Living on the edge is browsing on Facebook, only to stumble upon the site's new "Shop Now" button on your favourite brands' pages. Facebook is slowly rolling out Shop and Services tabs on pages, which allow customers to take immediate action (read: spend) on the corresponding website.

It doesn't actually let you buy items through Facebook per se. The button just makes it easier for you to go straight to the e-commerce website; a seamless shopping experience, that's exactly what we need. Uniqlo is among the first to pages to have the button. Alarms are going off on wallets everywhere, but this isn't just about shopping.

The same feature will be applied to Services, which lets companies provide a service menu for the customer's perusal. Meanwhile, "Donate" buttons on non-profit pages will take on the same appearance, further streamlining Facebook's call-to-action buttons on pages. They are also testing new "Call Now", "Send Message" and "Contact Us" buttons.

"The new features for Pages reflect our belief that no matter if you're a plumbing company, a flower shop, a non-profit or a brand, your Page should house the information people are looking for, help you communicate with your customers, and support your unique goals," Facebook said in a statement.

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