Facebook lets you remove your ex from Memories

Praise be, now you don't have to deal with photos of exes on a daily basis

By Andrea Tim | Published: 16 Oct 2015

FB hides your ex
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

While we may have fun looking back at memories from years ago – or cringe at the immature things we did on a holiday with friends – there are some things nobody wants to relive: ex-partners.

Facebook has heard the Internet's eye-rolls and cries of agony and has added a new setting to its On This Day feature.

Log in to Facebook on a web browser and head to Click "Preferences" on the top right corner, and you'll see a note from Facebook about its nifty "Filter" option.

"Let us know if there are specific people or dates that you'd rather not be reminded of in On This Day," the message reads. (Why, yes we will, Facebook.)

Under that, you can edit People and Dates that you don't want included in your daily memories.

Facebook also kindly reminds us, "Bear in mind that you can always unfriend or block someone you don't want to be connected with on Facebook."

There you have it, the art of truly letting go is only a few clicks away.

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