Emily Blunt is haunting in 'The Girl on the Train'

The actress called her role the most challenging thing she's ever done. The new trailer will make you see why

By Andrea Tim | Published: 21 Apr 2016

Video: Universal Pictures

The story concept for The Girl on the Train might remind you of Gone Girl at first (girl goes missing and all that), but when you watch the trailer, you'll see that you're in for a completely different ride. Emily Blunt plays a troubled divorcee and alcoholic Rachel Watson in the new thriller, which is based on Paula Hawkins' 2015 novel of the same name.

A post-divorce Rachel obsessively watches a married man and woman whose house she passes on the train to work every day, fantasising about their seemingly perfect life until one day, the woman (Megan) goes missing. Rachel is then embroiled in an intense murder investigation and to make matters worse, she seems to have lost a chunk of her memory pertaining to the very night Megan disappeared.

From what can be seen in the trailer, The Girl on the Train promises a gripping performance by Emily, who called the film "the most challenging thing" she's ever done.

"I just love that it's about addiction and loneliness and voyeurism and what we think we see and don't see. I think it's very relatable," she told Deadline in January. "We've all ridden the train to work and wondered about the lives of the people on the train, and I think that people relate to that."

Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson and Haley Bennett also star in The Girl on the Train, which opens internationally in October 2016.

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