Ed Sheeran debuts new song 'Sweet Mary Jane'

'Sweet Mary Jane' is definitely not about a girl

By Andrea Tim | Published: 1 Jun 2015

Video: ughmondays/YouTube

Ed Sheeran concert-goers at Forest Hills Stadium in New York were lucky enough to have the singer debut a new song for them over the weekend. With the assistance of his trusty loop pedal, Ed sang about his love for a certain lady he calls Mary Jane.

You might think that's a pseudonym for someone he's pining for, but take a closer look at the lyrics for Sweet Mary Jane.

"Café clouds and shooting stars are floating across the sky / Oh baby what a beautiful sight / But we're only satellites / Oh di ba di ba oh la lights / Oh baby I am so damn high / Have you seen my eyes?"

And if that's not suggestive enough... "Between my fingers and thumb / I seal you in with my tongue / 'Cause I don't want to be alone."

This is so much like Bloodstream, with I See Fire vibes. Listen to it yourself.

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