Dory sleep-swims in 'Finding Dory' teaser

The 'Finding Nemo' sequel stars Ellen DeGeneres as the forgetful blue tang

By Andrea Tim | Published: 11 Nov 2015

Video: Disney UK

We all love forgetful fish, particularly those that are blue, swims really fast and sounds like Ellen DeGeneres. Okay, then it's really one forgetful fish that we love: Dory. In Finding Dory, the sequel to wildly successful 2003 Pixar film Finding Nemo, Dory lives next door (or next coral?) to clownfish father and son Marlin and Nemo. They're all taken on an adventure again when Dory's childhood memories come flooding back and she sets out to look for her family.

Even though the sequel is set six months after the events in Finding Nemo, it's actually been 12 years since the first film came out – 13 by the time the sequel is released in June next year. Till then, we'll just keep swimming.

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