How to make a nice cup of covfefe

Key ingredient: a large tortililulululululululullul

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 2 Jun 2017

The covfefe recipe
Photo: The White House/Facebook

Covfefe is the word of the week, everyone. When US President Donald Trump mistakenly tweeted gibberish earlier this week, it instantly became an internet sensation. The word doesn't actually mean anything; Trump has since deleted the post and tweeted this instead: "Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe"??? Enjoy!"

Besides, how do you even pronounce it?

And now, because the internet is great and all-knowing, Smosh made a recipe for covfefe. Do as Trump said and enjoy. (But maybe have a medical team on standby because the media is fake and is covfefe even edible?)

What you need
100% Colombian dark roast covfefe
2 teaspoons of sugzabab
A cup of milkeke
A large tortililulululululululullul
A large muvgaga

1. Fill a bowl with a handful of dark roast covfefe.
2. Pour in two teaspoons of sugzabab followed by a cup of milkeke.
3. Stir for 5 minutvbleble and pour it on a large tortililulululululululullul.
4. Drop into in a large muvgaga.

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