These are the documentaries that Gucci is funding

The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund and AOL Charitable Foundation Award select seven recipients for the $150,000 grant

By Andrea Tim | Published: 1 Aug 2016

Gucci Tribeca Fund
A scene from 'What Walaa Wants' (Photo: Christy Garland)

Gucci, Tribeca Film Institute and the AOL Charitable Foundation have selected grant recipients for the 2016 Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund and the AOL Charitable Foundation Award. The seven projects will receive a total of $150,000 (approx. RM602,375) in grants to produce and finish their respective feature-length documentaries. TFI will also lend a year of support and guidance to ensure that each film is completed and marketed to its best potential.

The documentaries were shortlisted by a jury of filmmakers; the winning films were selected based on their ability to address crucial domestic and international social issues.

The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund will award The Infiltrators, Malheur, My Country No More and One Bullet Afghanistan. The AOL Charitable Foundation chose more female-centric projects for their empowering messages: Marriage Cops, Radical Brownies and What Walaa Wants.

"At a time of extreme social divisiveness both domestically and abroad, we are proud to be able to grant these filmmakers the opportunity to tell such important stories through the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund and the AOL Charitable Foundation Award," said Amy Hobby, Vice President of Artist Programmes at TFI. "These films tackle issues from around the world, and the backgrounds of the directors and producers reflect a wide diversity of those with important stories to tell."

Here are scenes from each film, as well as their respective synopses.

What Walaa Wants (pictured above)
"Raised in a refugee camp in the West Bank while her mother was in prison, Walaa is determined to become one of the few women on the Palestinian Security Forces – a big challenge for a girl who breaks all the rules."

The Infiltrators
"A docu-thriller that tells the real – and surreal – story of a group of immigrants in America who got themselves apprehended by Border Patrol to 'infiltrate' secretive, for-profit detention centers, and to help other detained immigrants get free."

Photo: Alex Rivera

"Bitter antagonism between right-wing militia and the federal government has boiled over into rebellion and bloodshed. Malheur follows this insurrection, from inception to demise, and explores the elements that made it possible."


My Country, No More
"Generations of family farming tradition go up in flames as the North Dakota oil boom leaves human memory, culture, and identity scorched in its wake. My Country, No More follows one family's path of resistance, raising a fundamental question: what are we willing to sacrifice in our pursuit of progress?"

Photo: Josh Hammerling

One Bullet Afghanistan
"One bullet, fired into darkness, hits a boy on a residential street in Afghanistan sending him into the path of a woman filmmaker following the American military. This begins an intimate, longitudinal look at a family in crises through the eyes of its matriarch – Bibi Hajji – and an accidental friendship between two women, worlds apart."

Photo: Carol Dysinger

Marriage Cops
"In a small city in Northern India unhappy couples seek relationship advice in the most unlikely of places."

Photo: Cheryl Hess

Radical Brownies
"Radical Brownies follows the creation of a troop of 8 to 12-year-old girls of color – the Radical Monarchs – in Oakland, CA. A social justice-oriented alternative to the Girl Scouts, the Monarchs still earn badges – not for sewing or selling cookies, but for units on Black Lives Matter, Radical Beauty, being an LGBTQ Ally, and Environmental Justice."

Photo: Katie Flint

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