Is Benedict Cumberbatch the new Doctor Strange?

Rumour has it Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy are set to star in Marvel's film about the Sorcerer Supreme

By Andrea Tim | Published: 9 Jun 2014

Benedict as Strange?
Photo: Getty Images

As Marvel marches forward for the Doctor Strange film, having only recently announced that Scott Derrickson will be directing Doctor Strange, the latest hero hearsay has it that Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy are on the KIV cast list of the film.

We're not sure what roles the British actors are being eyed for, although that hasn't stopped us from imagining and comparing them in Strange's high-collared cape.

After rumours of Johnny Depp being considered was debunked, recent Academy Award winner Jared Leto was next to be in the centre of casting rumours, but there hasn't been any development since.

Director Scott seems to be the only solid fact regarding the film now. He is the man behind The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Deliver Us From Evil, so we're left wondering what the superhero film will turn out at the hands of the crime-horror-science-fiction veteran.

Meanwhile, we dare you not to think that model David Gandy looks like a Stephen Strange, albeit a buff one.


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