Could Coldplay's next album be their last?

Frontman Chris Martin hints at it being "the final thing we're doing"

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 8 Dec 2014

Goodbye, Coldplay?
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In an interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Low, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has dropped hints about the group's forthcoming album, suggesting it might be named A Head Full of Dreams. Sounds like pure magic. What came next wasn't so great, however, because Chris then hinted that this seventh album might also be the band's last.

“The way we look at it is like, the last Harry Potter book, or something,” said Chris. “Not to say that there might not be another thing one day, but this is the completion of something.”

Whoa! But there's more. Chris also said, "I have to think of it as the final thing we're doing. Otherwise we wouldn’t put everything into it."

We can't fathom why they'd quit while they're still ahead. Just in the last week, the group's been nominated for three Grammy awards and Chris was chosen to stand in for Bono at a World AIDS Day surprise concert in New York (Bono was still recovering from injuries he'd sustained in a bike accident). 

Perhaps he just means that Coldplay are thinking of the album as their last so that they'd put their all into it? We sure hope so. Because the end of Coldplay would be the end of an era (and we're not even trying to be dramatic). Listen to the full interview between Chris and Zane here.

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