Coldplay releases new song and video

Chris Martin and friends give fans a treat with new track, Midnight

By Kate Guest | Published: 27 Feb 2014

Video: Coldplay

Coldplay have only gone and done a Beyoncé! The British band have just surprise-released a new song called Midnight, along with a five-minute video. Heavy on the Vocoder and synth, it sounds a bit like a cross between Bon Iver and a stripped-back Radiohead. We quite like it. In fact it could be a lullaby if not for the techno rave bit in the middle.

The video is set in a forest at night and stars a fox (sound familiar?). But this one’s filmed entirely through night vision goggles (infrared? you know what we mean), so at first it looks like the band are being hunted. Then the fox appears. Then Chris Martin starts flapping his arms like he’s trying to fly away, while the other band members stand around mutely, looking a bit embarrassed. Then Martin throws some shapes, as if at a rave all of a sudden. Then he daubs something on his face (fox poo? Very primal). Then they climb a tree. Then they all lie down in the grass and have a nap. It’s odd, and quite soulful, and we like it.

Have a listen and let us know if you can work out any of the lyrics. All we can make out is ‘evil eye’ over and over.  


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