Chris Evans sings a duet with his brother, Scott Evans

The video is cruelly short

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 4 Jun 2015

Video: Scottynewyork1/YouTube

Happiness comes in many forms and today's little piece of sunshine comes in the form of a 44-second video featuring Chris Evans and his brother Scott Evans performing a duet of James Taylor's Fire and Rain song.

The video was uploaded on Tuesday by Scott who posted it with a very cute caption. "Chris and I messing around over Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately we had the giggles and couldn't make it through the whole thing without laughing for here is just a tease... With some sung apologies to each other."

Obviously, fans went wild and one even responded to the duet with a not-so-appropriate comment. "Hear that? It's the sound of my panties flying across the room," she wrote. That was not the case for us (at least not literally), but we can relate to the sentiment.

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