Charli XCX and Rita Ora play bandits in 'Doing It' music video

Charli almost had them both killed while filming the pink truck scene

By Andrea Tim | Published: 21 Jan 2015

Video: officialcharlixcx/YouTube

You've got glittery eyes, Daisy Dukes, neon lights, rodeos and British cowgirls. Sounds like a cowboy movie gone wrong, but it's really Charli XCX and Rita Ora's new music video for their catchy song, Doing It.

The video goes from gas station robbery to slumber party pretty quickly, so hats off to you if you managed to keep track of it all.

As it turns out, making a rad music video wasn't without the equally rad experience to go with it. Charli revealed that while filming, she and Rita had a little accident with their pink getaway truck.

"I nearly killed both of us on the set by crashing this Barbie truck into the middle of the desert," Charli said. "There were no air bags. It was this old truck. It was a death-trap! But we made it out alive and the video is so great."

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