Ben Kingsley gets a new face and body in 'Self/Less' movie trailer

All that technology and we still can't download food?

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 9 Mar 2015

Video: Focus Features

Let's take a break from superhero movies and Disney remakes. 

Self/Less is a pyschological science-fiction thriller starring Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds. The movie tells the story of Damian (Ben Kingsley), a very wealthy man with cancer, who decides to undergo an extremely risky medical procedure that will transfer his consciousness into a younger, healthier body (Ryan Reynolds). 

With a new body and time on his hands he can do all the things he didn't get around to when he was younger. But it all goes down hill when Damian finds his host's memories coming back to him and he discovers the origins of his new body.

The movie is expected to hit the big screens overseas on 31 July this year and will only come to our local theatres on 6 August. 


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