Badass dolphin steals iPad, is sick of your Pokémon Go

It wants you to Poké-stop playing, thanks

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 9 Aug 2016

Badass dolphin
Photo: Fox 11 Los Angeles

You know who's done with Pokémon Go?

THIS. DOLPHIN. The playful porpoise jumped out from its SeaWorld Orlando pool to snatch an unsuspecting parkgoer's iPad out of her hands when she got too close.

Thanks to a video posted on Facebook by Fox 11 Los Angeles, we get this jaw-dropping up-close-and-personal recap of the moment when the pink gadget gets a nice soak. It's not clear if the dolphin merely thought that the iPad was food (salmon because it's pink?) or if it was tired of being photographed.

Or maybe it was trying to say "You're here for the dolphins, not Pokémon Go."

Never change, dolphin.


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