Did Audi's commercial compare women to second-hand cars?

The German automotive brand now "deeply regrets" its unbelievably sexist ad

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 20 Jul 2017

Video: Shuangshou Yang

It's 2017 and people are still. Incredibly. Sexist.

The latest issue stems from German automotive brand Audi's new commercial in China, which has angered netizens who took to the internet to call Audi out for comparing women to second-hand cars.

In the clip, a bride is inspected aggressively by her mother-in-law on her wedding day. Shortly after she's also had her breasts scrutinised disapprovingly, a voiceover declares that "an important decision must be made carefully" before the ad directs viewers to a certified website selling second-hand Audi vehicles.

Excuse me; what?

Audi is implying that just like choosing a wife, getting a second-hand car is just as tricky. "Only with official certification can you be rest assured." Yes, because women and cars are so alike, it's almost impossible to tell them apart!

After the advertisement was slammed on Weibo (China's version of Facebook/Twitter) with its users threatening to boycott the carmaker, Audi issued a statement, saying that it "deeply regrets" the commercial.

"The ad's perception that has been created for many people does not correspond to the values of our company in any way," said Audi spokesman Moritz Drechsel. Why Audi would approve an ad when it doesn't correspond to its values, we couldn't tell you.

Drechsel added: "The responsible department of the joint venture has arranged a thorough investigation of the internal control and coordination processes so that an incident like this can be excluded in the future."

On the other side of the fence, some people think that the ad is being over-analysed. "I think people are being dramatic," said Marla Yuan from Beijing. "If this ad compared a guy to a second-hand car, people would undoubtedly say it's funny and creative."

Also sexist, but probably less likely to happen, because men don't need 'official certification', right?

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