Adam Lambert releases a new song called 'Ghost Town'

Adam Lambert - 1, Madonna - 0

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 22 Apr 2015

Video: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is back with a new song called Ghost Town (yes, two words) and, we're just gonna say it: it's better than Madonna's Ghosttown (one word). The track is the first single off his third album, The Original High, which is scheduled for release here on 19 May.

Ghost Town sounds a lot different from Adam's usual theatrical style, so what can we expect from the rest of the album?

"Sonically it feels more contemporary than my previous material. It's definitely pop but not bubblegum. We have avoided camp and theatrics and have favoured a darker, more grounded vibe, and at the same time, it will make you dance!" said Adam in an interview with Hunger TV. "Lyrically, it's very very personal, the album has an overall bittersweet feel to it. Vocally, I think it's my most tasteful, sophisticated work to date," he added. Okay Adam, we'll take your word for it!

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