5 reasons we want to live in the All-New BMW 740Le xDrive

A luxury limousine complete with massage chairs and observatory roof, that can be plugged into a power point? Believe it

By Kate Guest | Published: 28 Apr 2017

BMW 740Le xDrive
Photo: BMW

The BMW 7 Series has made more than 600 Malaysian drivers very happy since its introduction last year. No surprises there, given that it was crowned World Luxury Car of the Year 2016. But now its unparalleled luxury comes with the credentials of eDrive technology. Efficiency, innovation and unrivalled comfort all in one? Absolutely. Read on for five more reasons why we don't just want to drive the All-New BMW 7 Series Hybrid with eDrive Technology – we want to live in it.

1. It can run on electricity
In the BMW 740Le x Drive you get both the power of a combustion engine and the significantly lowered emissions and fuel consumption of an electric drive system. The engine is the most potent of its type ever to be fitted in a BMW series, and develops a maximum output of 258hp with a peak torque of 400Nm. That means a top speed of 250km/h (but drive safe, ladies!). When in pure electric mode, the All-New BMW 740Le xDrive can reach 113hp and a peak torque of 250Nm, with a range of 41km. Fuel consumption is 2.5l/100km while CO2 emissions are 56g/km. All that mean nothing to you? Just know that it’s super powerful, super efficient and super kind on your wallet for a luxury car – with the novelty that you can plug it into any domestic power socket, or one of the 181 ChargEV stations around Malaysia. Oh, and the government gives you a HUGE discount on hybrid cars.

Photo: BMW

2. The back seats give free massages
As if the 7 series, with its Nappa leather seats and lumbar support, wasn’t comfortable enough, it also has electrically adjustable seats – so you can find your ultimate position. In the back it gets even better, with 8 different massage programmes on offer. So you can cancel that spa appointment, and just sit in your car! Plus, the panoramic Sky Lounge glass roof, which has an LED light display with more than 15,000 elements, ensures you have something to look at while you lie back and unwind. (But of course there are also entertainment screens, controlled by the tablet in the central console.)

3. It's virtually impossible to crash
Parking Assistant, you would probably expect in a car of this calibre. But it gets much, much better. There’s also Driving Assistant Plus, which gives you warnings for lane departures and changes, and even a ‘lane keeping assistant’ with active side collision protection (which you know we need in Malaysia). There’s also the Surround View system, complete with rear view mirror camera, and even a Pedestrian Collision Warning. Basically, this car will not let you crash it. (But if someone crashes into you, there are multiple state-of-the-art safety systems, including the Active Protection System, to protect you.)

Photo: BMW

4. The tech is next level
The BMW Connected app not only lets you monitor the car’s performance, charge levels and amount of petrol saved but also set the interior comforts, such as air conditioning, from your smartphone. Gesture control lets you control a number of functions, whether answering a phone call or turning up the volume on the 16-speak sound system, simply by waving a hand. In the rear, the removable 7-inch tablet in the centre console can also be used to control all the comfort and entertainment functions. 

5. You can fit your whole family inside it
Leg room? The BMW 740Le xDrive has leg, arm, torso and head room. Yes, it really is that big.

The All-New BMW 740Le xDrive is available from all authorized BMW dealerships now.


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