TWG Tea's 'Perfume of Tea' candle collection

They're just as delicious as their drinks

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 15 Mar 2017

TWG Tea candles
Photo: TWG Tea

Scent is the first way we experience a cup of tea, and can be just as important as the taste itself. So it makes sense that a company known for its luxurious boutique teas would decide to expand into the candle business. The owners of Singapore-based luxury tea brand TWG Tea, Taha Bouqdib and his wife Maranda Barnes, have done just that. After building up a business that sells some 800 tea flavours in Japan, Morocco, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, China and many more places, they have combined their dual loves for good tea and fragrance to create a collection of tea-infused candles in some of their best-selling flavours.

Called the Perfume of Tea collection, the candles come in lidded porcelain holders that will with accompanying lids, the candles exude luxury and romance. "The idea to create the tea-scented candles was always there," Maranda told us. "Whether in forms of incense, candles, or room spray or whatever, or even perfume – we were debating – but from my perspective, I was always awed by the fact that in candles, there’s a very high percentage of oils that carry the fragrance instead of alcohol or other things."

TWG Tea at The Gardens Mall (Photo: TWG Tea)

Fast forward to today, the brand launches its second tea-scented candle collection this past February. The collection consists of five different scented candles – the Emperor Sencha candle, the Five O'Clock candle, the French Early Grey candle, the Macaron Noir candle and the Silver Moon candle – and each of them offers a distinctive smell that will set or enhance the mood as soon as it is lit up.

"They're very powerful fragrances and they're in a very demure packaging," Maranda explained. "The candles are the perfect way to duplicate and enhance the aromas of people's favourite teas. It's also our way of introducing tea to people who might not be aware of how special our teas are. And it's also for our fans who want the fragrance around them all the time."


Start your day with TWG Royal Breakfast Tea, a blend of Ceylon and Kenya black tea. The tea contains high levels of theine that will gently wake your body up, just like caffeine but minus the crash.

TWG Oriental Empire Tea's blend of citrus fruits, blue tea and black tea offers gradual refreshment that makes it perfect for drowsy afternoons.

The Orange Wood Tea is a mild blend of white tea. Its aromatic brew of China black tea and Ceylon Orange Pekoe is best with a few drops of milk.

TWG Tea Perfume of Tea candles, RM212 each, are available at TWG Tea boutiques in Pavilion KL, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, The Gardens Mall and Gurney Paragon Mall in Penang.

This article was first featured in ELLE Malaysia's February 2017 issue.

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