Zayn Malik confirms relationship with Gigi Hadid

Apparently, their relationship is 'getting serious'

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 4 Feb 2016

Zayn is dating Gigi
Photo: zaynreport/Twitter

Zayn Malik is officially off the market, ladies. He revealed his relationship status in an interview with Zach Sang and the Gang yesterday when the topic of his new music video starring Gigi Hadid was brought up.

"Was it cool to have your girlfriend in your video?" co-host Jillian Gutowitz asked. Sneaky move, Jillian but it worked! "Yeah, that was cool," Zayn replied after considering his answer. "That was something different. And yeah, we enjoyed it. It was fun: we had a lot of fun on set."

"No one easier to make out with than your own girlfriend, right?" Jillian pressed. "Exactly. I like what you've done there," Zayn said. An insider claims that the couple is 'getting serious', but Gigi also got serious with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, before calling it quits after just five months together.

"This relationship is very different than when she was with Jonas," the insider said. "Her friends think this is going to last!" We certainly hope so. Meanwhile G.I. Joe fans be like: 

Zayn has also just released an acoustic version of Pillowtalk which you can download on iTunes here. Be still, our beating hearts. 

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