Yusry Abdul Halim explains daughter Yahaira's social media presence following criticism

"As parents, who are we to deny her new opportunities?"

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 24 Jan 2017

Yusry's response
Photo: iamlisasurihani/Instagram

Lisa Surihani and Yusry Abdul Halim previously said that they wanted to keep their daughter Yahaira Leanne away from the social media spotlight. However, given that the one-year-old still appears on their Instagram feeds and also starred in a Proton commercial last November, fans began wondering if Lisa and Yusry changed their minds.

"It's true that we did say that we didn't want too much exposure for Yahaira," Yusry told Media Hiburan. "But as parents, who are we to deny her new opportunities? So when there are offers for her that we feel is suitable, it isn't wrong for us to accept them. That goes the same for the photos of Yahaira that we have posted on our Instagram accounts."

"Some ask about why we upload Yahaira's photos when we don't want to expose her. All we meant was that we didn't want her to have her own social media accounts yet," Yusry added. "But if it's Hari Raya or her own birthday, you can't expect us to upload photos of only me and Lisa, as if Yahaira didn't exist."

You heard the man. Can we please focus on what's important? Like how adorable Yahaira is in her Proton ad?

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