Yuna's engagement video will make you cry so many happy tears

The way her fiancÚ Adam Sinclair looks at her will have you bawling again

By Lydia Chan | Published: 8 Aug 2017

Video: Luey Motion Lab

If you're still not over how gorgeous Yuna and Adam Sinclair's engagement was, the singer decided to give fans a closer look at her big day with a new video.

With Bon Iver's Holoscene playing in the background, we get a peek into the pastel, floral wonderland that her home was transformed into as well as the traditional Malay engagement ritual that took place. Everything from the families exchanging dowries to the many loving gazes between the betrothed couple just makes our hearts burst.

Congratulations again to Yuna and Adam and a special thanks for sharing all the fuzzy feelings.

This article has been updated with the full video.

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